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10 Best SEO Communities for Valuable Discussions in 2024

Matthew Howells-Barby
Last Updated: Mar. 21, 2024
SEO Communities

If you want to become a better SEO in 2024, getting plugged into the top SEO communities and forums should be at the top of your task list. 

So, I’m going to share the 10 best places to join conversations that will dramatically expand your SEO knowledge and help you build essential relationships this year.

First, let’s examine why joining these communities can benefit you and why the ones on the list made the cut.

Why Join an SEO Community?

When you become part of an active SEO community, you’ll have access to:

  • Networking opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals, build relationships, and potentially find SEO team members or other career opportunities.
  • In-depth SEO information, including valuable resources, guides, case studies, and tools that can help you expand your skill set.
  • The latest SEO trends and updates so you can stay informed about algorithm changes, new tactics, and industry shifts.
  • A platform to ask questions and get feedback on your specific SEO challenges or gather ideas from knowledgeable practitioners.
  • Diverse perspectives from SEOs with different backgrounds, niches, and experience levels, broadening your understanding of the field.

Best SEO Forums and Communities: My Criteria for Choosing

To select the best search engine optimization forums and communities for this list, I evaluated each platform based on these criteria:

  • Activity level: The best forums have a thriving, engaged user base with regular posts, discussions, and interactions. I looked for communities where you can expect to receive timely responses and participate in active conversations.
  • Moderation quality: Well-moderated forums maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio by limiting spam, self-promotion, and off-topic discussions. I prioritized forums with attentive moderators who enforce community guidelines and keep discussions focused.
  • Forum structure and organization: Great forums have a clear, intuitive structure that makes it easy to find relevant information and discussions. I favored communities with well-defined categories and effective search functions.
  • Expertise of members: The most valuable SEO communities have a mix of experienced professionals and knowledgeable enthusiasts who you’d also find at the best SEO conferences. They freely share their insights and expertise. I looked for forums with a track record of producing high-quality, actionable advice and thought leadership.
  • Encouraging atmosphere: The best communities are newbie-friendly, with dedicated spaces for beginner questions and a supportive, welcoming environment. I selected forums where you can feel comfortable participating, regardless of your skill level.

High-Quality SEO Communities You Should Join This Year

Ready to connect with other SEO enthusiasts, learn from industry experts, and stay on the cutting edge of search trends?

Based on the criteria above, here are the must-join SEO discussion forums and communities I recommend for 2024.

1. Traffic Think Tank (TTT) Academy

Traffic Think Tank Academy is more than an online learning platform. It’s a thriving community of SEO professionals who come together to learn, grow, and support one another. The Academy provides comprehensive SEO training from industry experts, and valuable opportunities to engage with fellow members and get personalized advice.

One of the standout features of TTT Academy is the monthly live Q&A sessions. Use these sessions to get direct answers to your specific SEO questions from experienced professionals, so you can tackle any challenge you face in your work.

Traffic Think Tank Community

When you join the Full Accelerator of TTT Academy (vs. the self-guided learned option), you get access to an exclusive Slack community. 

You’ll network with like-minded professionals, seek advice, share insights, and collaborate on projects. This network is an invaluable resource for staying up-to-date with the latest SEO trends, discussing strategies, and building lasting relationships within the industry.

2. BigSEO Subreddit and Slack Community

The BigSEO subreddit (r/BigSEO) is a popular online community that discusses SEO topics, strategies, and insights. With more than 105,000 members, it’s a vibrant space for seasoned SEO professionals, marketers, and enthusiasts to share knowledge, ask questions, and engage in meaningful discussions.

The BigSEO subreddit discussions cover a wide range of topics, from backlink strategies to content marketing to local SEO. You’ll find threads covering all aspects of search engine optimization.

Reddit BigSEO Community

There are no formal membership requirements listed. Ideal members of this community are intermediate to advanced SEO practitioners.

In addition to the subreddit, there’s a BigSEO Slack community, a real-time interactive platform for members to connect, seek advice, and collaborate on projects. The Slack channel is divided into various topic-specific channels, making it easy to find and participate in conversations most relevant to your interests.

To join the BigSEO Slack community, fill out this short application form.

3. Google Search Central Help Community

Google Search Central Help Community (formerly known as Google Webmaster Central Help Community) is an official forum hosted by Google. Webmasters, site owners, and SEO professionals can interact directly with Google employees and other experts. 

The community covers a wide range of topics related to Google Search, including:

  • Google Search updates and algorithms
  • Site speed and performance
  • Crawling and indexing
  • Mobile-first indexing
  • Search Console
  • Structured data
Google Search Central Help Community

To join the Google Search Central Help Community, visit the website and sign in with your Google account. There’s no cost to join or participate.

The forum is well-moderated and strongly focuses on providing accurate, helpful information. While it may not be as active as other SEO communities, the Google Search Central Help Community is essential for staying up-to-date on Google’s latest updates and getting expert answers to your search-related questions.

4. CRO Growth Hacks Slack Community

The CRO Growth Hacks Slack community is an exclusive group for digital marketers to exchange ideas and strategies on conversion rate optimization (CRO), search engine marketing (SEM), SEO, and email marketing. 

CRO Growth Hacks Slack Community

The community features channels dedicated to specific topics, such as #seo_hacks, #social_hacks, #business_hacks, and #chatbot_hacks, where members can discuss the latest trends and challenges in their fields. Additionally, there are channels for job openings, AMAs, and giveaways. While there’s a designated section for promotional content, it’s not permitted in other channels.

Membership to CRO Growth Hacks is free, and you must fill out a membership application to join. If approved, you’ll get access to the Slack workspace and can start engaging with fellow members.

5. Women in Tech SEO (WTS)

Women in Tech SEO (WTS) is a global community that empowers women in the search, marketing, and tech industries. WTS aims to create a supportive environment where women can connect, learn, and grow together, regardless of their career stage.

Women in Tech SEO Community

WTS offers two main engagement platforms: a Slack community and a Facebook group. The Slack group features channels dedicated to various topics, such as #content-seo, #analytics, #technical-seo, #schema, and #cms. The founder of WTS SEO, Areej Abu Ali, regularly posts weekly announcements and updates about WTS workshops.

Both communities are known for being welcoming and encouraging to all members.

6. Growth Partners Community

Growth Partners Community (GPC) is an exclusive SEO group that focuses on helping content-savvy teams acquire high-quality links through a specialized collaboration approach. Members work together within a private Slack workspace to boost their link-building efforts.

Growth Partners Community

To ensure high engagement and quality contributions, Growth Partners screen prospective members before they’re accepted. For content-focused teams serious about boosting their link-building efforts through collaboration, GPC offers a results-driven alternative to traditional SEO discussion forums.

7. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum, one of the largest marketing community forums, includes a robust SEO section. Users can join for free or opt for the Premium War Room Membership at $97 a year (with a 30-day free trial) for access to digital marketing courses, tools, and additional benefits.

Warrior Forum

The SEO section covers various topics, from SEO vs. SEM comparisons to specific issues like decreasing domain authority. The forum defaults to the most recent threads, allowing users to access the latest insights easily.

Warrior Forum’s most significant benefits are its dedicated beginners’ area and broad focus on various aspects of marketing. However, accessing certain features and resources requires a paid membership, which may be a drawback for those on a tight budget.

8. Online Geniuses

Online Geniuses is a free community that brings together 38,000 experts and professionals in digital marketing, including SEO specialists and IT professionals.

Members can share concerns, discuss trends, and help each other find jobs and networking opportunities. The community also hosts regular live events and Q&A sessions across the U.S., featuring experts like Rand Fishkin and Dmitry Gerasimenko.

Online Geniuses

As a member, you can also create a profile on the Online Geniuses talent network, which can be helpful if you’re interested in how to get a job in SEO.

To maintain the quality of discussions and interactions, every new member must go through a review process before being accepted into the group.

9. Affiliate SEO Mastermind

The Affiliate SEO Mastermind is a popular Facebook group featuring open discussions on all aspects of affiliate SEO. With 33,000 members, you’ll get insights from professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Affiliate SEO Mastermind Facebook Group

The key focus of the Affiliate SEO Mastermind is proven, field-tested results. The community encourages members to share their findings based on actual experiments and data, rather than relying on theories or guesswork. This emphasis on concrete evidence helps members make informed decisions and refine their strategies when working on real sites.

The group maintains an inclusive and open-minded approach, and leaders acknowledge that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution in the world of affiliate SEO. Members are encouraged to share their unique perspectives and tactics, and the group is a collaborative environment where everyone can learn from each other’s successes and challenges.

10. Creative Tribes

Creative Tribes is a diverse Slack community of more than 1,800 members, including SEOs, digital marketers, solopreneurs, startup founders, designers, and developers. The workspace features channels dedicated to topics like #analytics_datascience, #content_marketing, #socialmedia_marketing, and #seo_strategy.

Creative Tribes

To join, interested individuals must fill out an application and pay a one-time $27 sign-up fee. 

Creative Tribes hosts regular AMA sessions with industry experts, such as Mario Peshev from DevriX and Louis Grenier, host of the “Everyone Hates Marketers” podcast. These sessions provide valuable learning and networking opportunities for members.

Maximizing Your Engagement in SEO Communities: From Lurker to Leader

Joining an SEO community is a great first step. However, you need to actively engage with the community to maximize your ROI. 

Here are some strategies to help you get the most out of communities and forums for SEO.

  • Speak up: Share your thoughts and experiences to build relationships and learn from others.
  • Ask questions: Ask for guidance from the community to find solutions and demonstrate your willingness to learn.
  • Share your results: Showcase your recommended SEO best practices and highlight your successes to help others and establish yourself as a valuable contributor.
  • Offer support: Provide advice to strengthen relationships and reinforce your expertise.
  • Engage in events: Participate in webinars, AMAs, and mentorship programs to deepen your involvement and make valuable connections.

Remember, the more you put into your community engagement, the more you’ll get out of it.

Make Your Mark in SEO Communities by Joining TTT Academy

I invite you to take your SEO community engagement to new heights by joining us in TTT Academy. As one of the instructors, I’m excited to see new people participate in this supportive community that will supercharge their involvement in other SEO groups.

Through the skills and relationships you build within our Academy, you’ll feel empowered to ask insightful questions, offer meaningful advice, and share your experiences with greater impact — no matter where you’re engaging online.

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