Community Points & Milestones

Want to rise up the leaderboard? Here's how.

The prestigious Traffic Think Tank community leaderboard is powered by points and milestones awarded for varying levels of participation. In the spirit of full transparency, we've listed out all of the activities that we reward points for, as well as those sought-after milestones.

We know how much time and effort our community devotes to making Traffic Think Tank a wonderful place for everyone to learn and grow together. With this in mind, we want to make sure that those community members that go above and beyond can get the recognition they deserve.

Not only will this result in beautiful, shiny badges (AKA Milestones) being displayed on your community profile, but also increased visibility on our leaderboard and jobs marketplace. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, it gets even better because we’ll also award you with exclusive swag, free access to some of our paid events, and even real physical awards 🏆

How can I earn points?

There are plenty of ways that you can earn points. Some are more difficult than others, and we’ll be adding more ways to level up over the coming months so check out the table below for the most up-to-date breakdown.

RequirementPoints AwardedMilestone Awarded?Availability
Completed your community profile.40No.Once, all-time.
Post your first ever question in the community (in public channels)25No.Once, all-time.
Awarded to the individual that posted the most emoji reactions to messages during the month.65Over-ReactorOnce, month.
Awarded to the individual that posted the most replies to messages during the month.100Problem SolverOnce, month.
Post more than 20 replies to messages during the month (in public channels).50No.Once, month.
Post more than 5 new messages in a given month (in public channels).35No.Once, month.
Post more than 30 emoji reactions to during the month (in public channels).15No.Once, month.
Logged into the Academy.5No.Once, daily.
Completed 10 lessons in the Academy.10BookwormOnce, all-time.
Completed 20 lessons in the Academy.25No.Once, all-time.
Completed 50 lessons in the Academy.50ProfessorOnce, all-time.
Completed 100 lessons in the Academy.150ScholarOnce, all-time.
Attended Traffic Think Tank Live 2019.100Live ’19Once, all-time.
Attended Traffic Think Tank Live 2020.100Live ’20Once, all-time.
Attended Traffic Think Tank Live 2021.100Live ’21Once, all-time.
Getting a guest post published on the Traffic Think Tank blog.60PublishedOnce, all-time.
Completed the first 6 consecutive months as an active member.50No.Once, all-time.
Active member for 1 year.100Year 1Once, all-time.
Active member for 2 consecutive years.150Year 2Once, all-time.
Active member for 3 consecutive years.200Year 3Once, all-time.
Active member for 4 consecutive years.250Year 4Once, all-time.
Joined during our first year of operation.100TTT OGOnce, all-time.
*The number of points awarded may change over time. Please refer to this page.

If you have any questions about the community points system, leaderboard, or community profiles, please email our support team [support(at)trafficthinktank(dot)com].