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Top 7 SEO Conferences of 2024 (Prepare Before You Attend)

Matthew Howells-Barby
Last Updated: Apr. 24, 2024
SEO Conferences

Attending SEO conferences is one of the best ways for digital marketing professionals to stay on top of the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in organic search optimization and search marketing. 

I’ll highlight the top 7 SEO events and conferences digital marketers should consider attending in 2024. From major events like brightonSEO and Content Marketing World to more niche gatherings, I’ll provide an overview of what to expect at each one (and give you the details on when and where they’re happening).

Whether you want to learn SEO basics or advanced skills, gain insights into the latest search landscape, or network with like-minded peers, you’ll find significant professional development opportunities at these upcoming SEO conferences.

What Is an SEO Conference?

An SEO conference is a professional event focused on search engine optimization and search marketing. SEO events like these typically span 2–3 days, and bring together industry experts, speakers, panelists, and attendees from across the SEO ecosphere.

Unlike general digital marketing conferences, SEO conferences dig deep into the latest ranking algorithms and techniques for optimizing websites. They can help you learn how to track SEO progress and keep an eye on evolving trends with platforms like Google and Bing.

Through presentations, workshops, keynotes, and informal networking, SEO conferences accelerate the professional development of digital marketers looking to sharpen their skills. 

Attendees return to their organizations and SEO communities with actionable advice and strategies from world-class practitioners and trainers. The relationships you form with fellow SEO professionals at these events can also blossom into future collaborations.

SEO Trends and Topics

Experts at this year’s top conferences will dig into SEO trends and topics shaping search optimization this year. Key highlights at SEO seminars include:

  • Automation and process optimization: With AI and machine learning integration, smart tools that enhance productivity will be a focus of these events. You’ll learn a variety of ways to supercharge your SEO automation.
  • Local SEO tactics: Capturing local searchers continues to increase in importance. Sessions will uncover local pack strategies, GMB optimization, maps, and spatial data tactics.
  • E-commerce growth hacks: E-commerce SEO is still one of the hottest digital marketing topics. Experts in these sessions will reveal strategies for optimizing product detail pages, creating valuable content, and more.
  • Ranking factors: Stay ahead of Google and Bing algorithm shakeups. Conferences offer exclusive peeks behind the curtain of core ranking factors (which might come up as a topic during an SEO job interview).
  • Link building and outreach: Get the latest trust-building and link acquisition tactics. Expect explorations of link building tools, competitor gaps, and link prospecting methods.
  • Semantic search: Natural language relevancy and topic clustering are crucial in search right now. Conferences will equip you with semantic SEO tactics that help you boost your ranking.

Premier SEO Conferences You Can’t Afford to Miss

Based on past experience, inside knowledge, and conference speaker lineups, these are my top recommendations for SEO conferences that expand your network and skill set.

1. SEO Meetup

Date: April 18-19, 2024

Location: New York City (in-person only)

Price: $200-$900

At the 2024 SEO Meetup Conference, you can dive into modern digital marketing and SEO tactics — going beyond surface topics and generic fluff. This fresh addition to the SEO conference circuit will happen in New York City this April.

An impressive speaker lineup already includes names like Aleyda Solis, Mike King, Lily Ray, Kevin Indig, and more top-tier industry experts. Attendees can expect a rich blend of innovative sessions, workshops, and networking.

SEO Meetup was founded by digital marketing veteran Ross Kernez. Ross’s goal is to facilitate more open sharing of SEO knowledge and to bring professionals together to learn from one another.

SEO Meetup

2. brightonSEO

Date: April 25-26, 2024 (Brighton, UK), October 3-4, 2024 (San Diego) 

Location: Brighton and San Diego (both are in-person only)

Price: £475 before 20% VAT (Brighton), $500 (San Diego)

This biannual conference is well-loved by SEOs and marketers of all levels. The training on the main stages is top-notch, and there are fringe conferences focused on PPC, social ads, and data analytics.

The April 2024 event in Brighton, UK, features standout topics like thriving in competitive niches without backlinks, search engine guidelines for publishers, and rendering. Speakers include Emilio Takas, Kapwom Dingis, and Mark Stanford-Janes.

There’s also a second U.S. edition of brightonSEO in November 2024, in San Diego. While speakers haven’t yet been announced, the inaugural 2023 US conference featured 70+ experts, including Ross Hudgens and Jamie Indigo.


3. WTSFest 

Date: June 7, 2024 (Berlin), September 19, 2024 (Philadelphia)

Location: Berlin, Philadelphia (both are in-person only)

Price: €349 (Berlin), $399 (Philadelphia)

The Women in Tech SEO Festival is an extension of founder Areej AbuAli’s marketing community. If you didn’t make it to the London conference, there are still two more this year in Berlin and Philadelphia.

Regardless of which city you choose, you’ll attend talks across four tracks — Analyze, Advance, Innovate, and Empower. Some notable Berlin topics include clustering methods for better keyword research and becoming a thought leader in the age of AI.

The Philadelphia agenda promises talks on unleashing the potential of E-E-A-T and setting up a systematic framework for SEO testing.


4. LondonSEO XL

Date: June 13, 2024

Location: London (in-person only)

Price: £150-£300

In June, the LondonSEO XL conference will bring the popular LondonSEO meetup community to a full-day event in London. Hosted by BlueArray, a premier UK digital marketing agency, LondonSEO XL will deliver a packed day of keynotes, panels, networking, and expertise.

While the 2024 agenda and speakers are still in the finalization process, last year’s roster included notable names like Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz, SaaS content writer Chima Mmeje, and Google’s Martin Splitt.

LondonSEO XL is an excellent opportunity to learn, connect, and soak up months of industry insights in a single day.

LondonSEO XL

5. ADworld

Date: October 17-18, 2024

Location: Bologna (Italy) + live streaming

Price: €449

The ADworld Experience stakes its claim as the largest European event focused on pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and conversion rate optimization — not to mention one of the largest globally for real-world PPC campaign case studies.

While still finalizing the lineup of PPC experts for 2024, last year’s speaker roster included Michele Arena, Silvia Balejčíková, and Luca Bontempi. The 2023 SEO event also featured actual campaign case studies and advanced courses diving into Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, TikTok, and tactics for boosting conversion performance.

If you’re an SEO, PPC, or CRO specialist looking to expand your expertise with the latest platforms, techniques, and optimization best practices, ADworld delivers. Rub shoulders with the sharpest minds in paid search and walk away with tangible improvements for your SEO clients or company.


6. Content Marketing World

Date: October 21-23, 2024

Location: San Diego (in-person and virtual)

Price: Digital passes start at $899, in-person options are $1,199 and up

While Content Marketing World covers the broader landscape of content creation, it offers tremendous value for focused SEO professionals. Given how vital high-quality, optimized content has become for driving rankings and traffic, learning next-level creative strategies and production workflows at this event will strengthen your SEO skill set.

Spread over four days, the agenda features more than 150 sessions, workshops, keynotes, and forums focused on building winning content teams, systems, and workflows.

Here’s a sampling of some of the search-related tracks this year:

  • AI in Marketing
  • Analytics and Data
  • Content Creation and Development
  • Content Development and Writing
  • Content Management and Optimization
  • Content Planning/Operations
  • Content ROI
  • Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing World

7. International Search Summit (ISS)

Date: November 14, 2024

Location: Barcelona

Price: From €145

This November, digital marketers and SEO professionals focused on worldwide audiences should block off their calendars for the International Search Summit (ISS) in Barcelona, Spain. The ISS is reportedly the only conference completely dedicated to international search marketing challenges.

While the 2024 agenda and speakers are still taking shape, last year’s event featured experts like Semrush’s Olga Andrienko, Crystal Carter of Wix, and Kayleigh Dibble from Hotjar across tracks on international SEO, content strategies, and paid acquisition.

With presentations tailored specifically to improving online visibility and effectively engaging international target markets, the ISS offers invaluable expertise for brands that are scaling globally. And you’ll have ample Q&A time to address your follow-up questions.

International Search Summit

6 Ways to Make the Most of Your SEO Convention Experience

Attending an SEO-focused conference or seminar event is a valuable professional development investment. But like any investment, what you get back is proportional to what you put in. 

Try these six tips for optimizing your conference participation.

  1. Connect in person with your social media network. Put faces to names by meeting your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook contacts. Strengthen relationships and turn online connections into conference buddies.
  2. Come prepared with business cards, sample reports, or client success data to exchange. These professional talking points can help you break the ice with new contacts.
  3. Take meticulous notes. Jot standout quotes, data to follow up on, technique checklists, and names of solution providers during the SEO seminars, so those “a-ha” moments don’t get lost in the shuffle.
  4. Attend the after-hours mixers and auxiliary events. Informal gatherings in more intimate settings give you great opportunities for one-on-one conversations that might help you get a job in SEO.
  5. Follow up promptly with your new connections through email or social media. You can even schedule virtual coffee meetings with your most promising contacts.
  6. Create your personalized post-conference action plan immediately. Compile session notes and translate your takeaways into tactical next steps you can execute for clients in the coming weeks.

By putting these tips to work, you’ll guarantee your professional development investment pays dividends. You’ll also return home re-energized and ready to implement your plans.

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