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You want to get better at SEO, but…

You don’t have time to read 1,000 blog posts. Or the budget to run endless experiments. You’re already spread way too thin to chase every shiny new tactic.

But feeling stuck sucks.

Especially when you read those case studies with the “holy-sh*#!” growth numbers… Home-run content. Thousands of links. Millions in revenue. You want to be the one earning that ROI… but how?

What if you could learn directly from
the experts behind those results?

Imagine being able to post your challenges and get their advice any time. Or being shown the behind-the-scenes strategies that drive those massive wins. Imagine being walked, step-by-step, through a blueprint for building those repeatable wins — straight from the experts who perfected them.

That’s Traffic Think Tank:

A private place to learn the stuff that works, taught by some of the most sought-after consultants in the world.

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Introducing Traffic Think Tank

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    This is the soul of TTT, where you can post Q&A, share ideas and learn together with a community of smart owners, consultants, in-house marketers and affiliates.

    Build a network you can turn to any time.

  • Live Q&A Sessions + Detail-Packed Webinars

    Join Matthew, Nick, and Ian live as we field your questions on link building, content, technical SEO, process-building, client acquisition and more.

    Bring a pen; you’re going to want to take notes.

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In Traffic Think Tank, you’ll
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  • Link building
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  • Solving technical
    SEO issues
  • Conducting
    keyword research
  • Local SEO (and
    crushing local markets)
  • Advanced information
  • Tracking and
    reporting KPIs
  • Growing your team
    (without losing your mind)

No more time wasted on blog posts or trying to fumble through things alone.
You’ll finally have an all-in-one SEO resource, with a community to support you
as you apply what you learn.

Meet the Experts

Leaders of Traffic Think Tank

  • Matthew Howells-Barby

    Matthew has built his entire career on his ability to drive results. After years of leading digital campaigns at some of the most respected agencies in the UK, Matt was hired as HubSpot’s Global Head of SEO.

    Within six months, he’d grown organic traffic by more than 50%. Within two years, it’d skyrocketed over 200%. As HubSpot’s Director of Acquisition, he’s helped the company double sitewide conversions.

    Matthew also advises on acquisition for startups and tech firms like BuildFire (0 to 1MM visitors in 9 months) AppInstitute (300% increase in organic traffic in 3 months), Deputy, and Lumanu.

    He’s been a keynote speaker on stages like MozCon, SearchLove, INBOUND, and GrowthHackers. He is also the proud winner of the 2019 Penguin Award for worst beard.

  • Nick Eubanks

    Nick founded his first company at age 19, and sold his first business at age 24. Now, he consults on SEO strategy to billion-dollar businesses as the CEO and Chief Strategist of From the Future.

    Because free time is overrated, he built and sold a 47-post blog for $100K on a whim, and launched multiple infoproducts in niches he had less than no experience in that netted over $500k in revenue.

    Before focusing full-time on FTF, Nick helped build TrafficSafetyStore.com to outrank Amazon, Ebay, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart for their target keywords – helping them grow to 8 figures per year in online revenue. At this point, Fortune 100s hire him just to keep him from competing with them.

    When it comes to technical SEO, information architecture, and user experience – Nick’s the one guy you definitely want to have on your team—and now, you do.

  • Ian Howells

    If you’ve never heard of Ian Howells, it’s because he’d probably prefer it that way. He’s more of a “shut up and rank sh*#!” guy.

    Since ’99, he’s competed in and dominated in the fiercest niches and darkest corners of the web (think: poker, pills, and… you know.)

    His agency work began in 2007, eventually landing him at Red Ventures where he managed a book of business worth millions per month. He now leads SEO at LendingTree, where his career depends on ranking for terms like “car loans” and “debt consolidation.”

    If there’s a loophole, Ian can find and exploit it. He was using your new favorite tactic five years ago. Buckle up; it’s going to get real.

The training in Traffic Think Tank has helped SEO's
in all fields level up their skills and results

  • "Every time I visit to catch up on threads I learn something new! Plus some of the private content you guys share is UNREAL. Thank you!"

    Britney Muller

    Senior SEO Scientist, MOZ

  • "Joining Traffic Think Tank is an absolute must if you are serious about growing, scaling, and profiting from your digital business."

    Eric Covino

    Owner, Eric Covino

  • "The pool of talent in Traffic Think Tank is mahoosive. There are industry leaders, big agency hot shots, SEO newbies, managing directors and everything in between. We’re an agency looking to scale and streamline our processes, and for this in particular - Traffic Think Tank (and their exclusive resources) have been an immense help!"

    Sidse Sorensen

    Digital Marketing Coordinator, Digital Impact

  • A brilliant community, where real problems get real answers from people who have actually solved similar challenges (instead of a random marketing intern copy/pasting from a blog post somewhere.)

    Joel Klettke

    Conversion Focused Copywriter, Business Casual Copywriting

  • "Traffic Think Tank is a community where your specific SEO problems get answered by some of best SEO experts in the industry - it's pure SEO gold. The exclusive resources are well worth the membership alone!"

    Emer McCourt

    SEO Content Strategist, Emerge Content

  • "If you are looking for different SEO techniques, discussions on digital marketing strategies, plus more, then TTT is for you. It's a community that attracts top minds on the internet to share their valuable knowledge with others. Plus, it's Nick, Ian and Matt. What's not to love?"

    Giulia Guerrero

    Manager, CEO Connection

  • A collective group of thinkers from different areas of expertise has left no question unanswered. I have yet to see a group with this much diversity of knowledge.

    Jason Berkowitz

    CEO, Break The Web

  • "Traffic Think Tank is worth every penny. Having direct access to experts like Nick Eubanks is priceless. The opportunity to have them focused on your business and brand is something you do not want to pass up. The webinars with other experts were also full of great information."

    Reggie Black

    Regional Manager, Cancer Tutor

  • Who has time to go to multiple websites to improve SEO and other digital marketing skills? I sure don't. That's why investing in TrafficThinkTank was a no brainer for me. Through Slack, I'm connected to SEO rockstars who share their expertise and offer solutions. Even if I don't have questions, I find hanging out in the TTT community incredibly valuable.

    Allison Casey

    Digital Marketing Director, WSOL

  • If you want practical SEO advice that you can implement today TTT is the SEO community to join! If you’re unsure about anything and need a second opinion or have a question you need answering the TTT community of experts is here to help. It’s definitely worth the price, don’t make the same mistake as me and wait too long to join.

    Elliott Davidson

    Founder, Contrast

  • Traffic Think Tank is o̶n̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶s̶t̶ the best SEO community out there. Being a paid SEO community a lot of you might have reservations to join but I think this barrier to entry weeds out a lot of the inactive and troll accounts that fill up the other communities. The regular Webinars, Live Q&As & Templates that are shared alone make up for the cost of joining. The cherry on top is the fact that the community is made of industry veterans who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you, it's like having the SEO community as a mentor.

    Saijo George

    SEO Strategy Director, Supple

  • Some of the best money I spend every month. Outstanding community.

    Damon Gochneaur

    Founder, Aspiro Digital Agency

  • If you want to level up your SEO (or general marketing knowledge), this community is for you. Solid, actionable advice from the best digital marketers. The groups knowledge spans across all niches, business types, and locales.

    Travis Dailey

    Marketing Manager, TheraNest

  • This is where people go when they want to hustle and actually get things done in the SEO world. This isn't another blog, another email newsletter - these are passionate people learning from each other in real-world scenarios. This is the future of how we learn & grow together.

    Bill King

    Senior Digital Marketing Manager, AvidXchange

  • The quality level of TTT advice is much more like talking with senior-level SEOs not those just starting out. Happy member here.

    Conrad O'Connell

    Founder, 91 Digital

  • "Nick Eubanks taught me everything I know about keyword research - so joining TTT was a no brainer. Matt, Ian and Nick have each given me guidance for moving forward as a marketer in 2018. Imagine having a board of trusted advisors that can out think your competitors for pennies on the dollar. There isn't a tactical or agency question that Nick can't answer. Matt's breadth of online experience — from running very successful personal sites to being a part of the Hubspot machine — gives him perspective that few others have. He's experimented with EVERYTHING. Every time Ian answers a question, I realize just how staggering and deep his SEO knowledge runs. The threads on TTT contain some of the most intelligent and thoughtful online marketing discussions that I've read in years. I head there first before checking Gmail or Facebook as there's never a slow day."

    Jason Thibault

    Founder, Massive Kontent

  • If you want to learn SEO tactics and getting practical advice, you should try TTT out. It's a place with real experts ready to answer your questions and clarify your doubts. It's definitely a good investment, great knowledge inside.

    Giancarlo Facoetti

    Founder, FaChords Guitar

  • If you're tired of SEO bullshit from 'gurus' & 'experts' then you should join TTT. I'm learning new/practical stuff everyday that can be implemented instantly on the campaigns i'm working on.

    Granit Doshlaku

    Head of Search, Manaferra

  • "It’s been awesome. TTT doesn’t do the work for you but it does show you from the inside step-by-step how the pros do it. My rankings are significantly up and I’ve now got a clear game plan so I’m confident that they’ll keep going the same way in the future."

    Ben Richardson

    Founder, Acuity Training

  • TTT is a great place for new and seasoned SEOs who want to share strategies, tactics and learn more about SEO, content & growth. The Webinars the team put on are great and the advice shared by members is second to none. You also score free guides and eBooks from TTT which is another benefit. You will definitely benefit from being a member of this community.

    James Norquay

    SEO Director, Prosperity Media

  • "As a HubSpot agency partner, the need to be at the forefront of the latest SEO, traffic leads and conversion strategies is absolutely essential. TTT allows us access to incredible resources and a community that is invaluable. In just a few short months we have made our investment back several times over and the team at TTT are the best minds we have worked with. Without hesitation I highly recommend them to any agency or marketers serious about getting results."

    Mike Midgley

    Strategic Channel Director, The SuccessHub

  • "Joining TTT is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The community is active and super friendly and packed with experts well known in the marketing industry. The direct 1-to-1 access to most of them is a flexibility you can't get anywhere else. I’m continually learning new things every day and putting them into practice. The owners are some of the most talented yet down to earth people I’ve ever met. Within the last six months, I’ve made huge leaps in my consultancy business, and I can highly recommend this community."

    Suganthan Mohanadasan

    Digital Marketing Consultant, Suganthan.com

  • "Traffic Think Tank has changed my perception of SEO. For the longest time I was able to leverage my experience to dominate search results, but SEO has changed. Traffic Think Tank has helped me fill the holes in my experience and gain an understanding of modern and sustainable search engine optimization. Plus I get to leverage the shared experience working with other business owners that face the same digital marketing challenges I do, resulting in faster solutions to our collective problems."

    Matthew Baron

    Owner, Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruit

  • "Traffic Think Tank is the key to the whole SEO puzzle... don't get stuck, just ask! You'll have true professionals answering within minutes. No wannabes. And you may think to yourself - like maybe I did - "I'll just signup for a month, enjoy all the previous months content, take advantage of the community for any questions I have that haven't already been answered, and then make for the exit at the end of the month." You. Will. Never. Leave."

    James Day

    Owner, Sites by James Day

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Learn from top SEOs for a full year for less than it’d cost to hire us for a day.

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  • Access our exclusive
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  • Live Q&A
  • Access to Traffic Think Tank Academy

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  • Access our exclusive
    Slack community
  • Live Q&A
  • Access to Traffic Think Tank Academy

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