Code of Conduct

Our mission, values and rules of engagement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver education from proven, reputable individuals that are actually doing the work to help level up the careers of marketers across the world.

Our Values

The connections that have formed between members of Traffic Think Tank have blossomed into thriving business ventures, new career opportunities, and long-lasting friendships. For this to continue, every member of the community must play their part in embodying the values we’ve set out together.

Supportive: everyone within the community is here to support one another. It’s what helps us form strong connections together. Wherever you can, look to support the needs of other members.

Inclusive: we’re comprised of people from all over the world. Some are industry veterans, others are just beginning their careers. Demonstrate inclusivity in every way that interacts with other members.

Respectful: we’re all here to learn and grow together. Be respectful of the diversity of views and ensure you only ever engage in healthy debate.

Community Etiquette

For Traffic Think Tank to continue to remain a safe space for individuals of all backgrounds to connect, share ideas, and learn from one another, the whole community has to abide by some basic rules of engagement.

Have good intent: healthy debate is always encouraged, but it’s important that you go into any conversation with an open mind and a consideration for the individual learning curves and styles of other members.

No promotional posts: anything that is purely promotional relating to services or products you offer will be deleted. If you’d like to promote your services, please use the #bst-marketplace Slack channel. This rule extends to sharing URLs of content you’ve published, which should be posted in #showoff. Please note: any promotional material that is in direct conflict and competition with TTT offerings can be deleted under the discretion of the TTT team.

Be respectful: we have a zero-tolerance stance on abusive and divisive behavior to other members. Everyone is here to help one another, so please respect that.

No unsolicited direct messages: if you’d like to continue a conversation you’ve had in one of the public Slack channels via DM, that’s absolutely fine, but please avoid sending any unsolicited messages to members. Mass direct messaging is a violation of our community guidelines and will not be tolerated.

Use your real name: we ask that all members use their real name (first name is fine) on their Slack profile. Traffic Think Tank is a place to form connections, and for people to feel comfortable connecting, they need to know who they’re speaking with.

Keep it classy: please avoid any offensive, rude or suggestive imagery for your Slack profile image. Violations of this rule can result in a permanent ban.

No trolling: Traffic Think Tank is a troll-free zone. Everyone here should feel comfortable being able to ask questions without being trolled. Again, we have a zero-tolerance stance on trolling, resulting in immediate account removal.

Keep it private: members are encouraged to share information freely and openly within the community (assuming it doesn’t violate any legal agreements). It’s forbidden to share any information shared within Traffic Think Tank outside of the community. This is monitored closely by our community management team.

Follow the Format

There are thousands of individual messages published inside Traffic Think Tank every week. To keep them organized and ensure that information is as easy as possible to consume and search for, we require all members to follow these basic formatting guidelines:

Use threaded replies: when a question is asked within Slack, we ask that you use the reply button when responding or sharing your point of view, as opposed to simply posting a new message directly below it.

No need to shout: avoid posting in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or otherwise using distracting formatting.

Don’t be that person: avoid profanities, obscenities, lewd and otherwise offensive words and remarks when posting any messages.

Unacceptable Topics

Traffic Think Tank has a plethora of topics discussed every day. That said, our primary focus is to discuss marketing, growth, and career-related topics. For example, SEO, content marketing, people management, SaaS marketing, and email automation.

To ensure we keep focused, deliver value, and keep the community a safe and inclusive place for everyone, there are a number of topics we do not allow discussion around:

Politics and religion: there are many forums and situations where political and religious issues can be discussed, but Traffic Think Tank is not one of them. The debate around these topics can often lead to conflict, and this is something we want to completely avoid. That said, there are a few small exceptions to this rule that we’d like to clarify:

  1. Well-wishing to others around religious holidays
    Assuming good intent is demonstrated, we are happy with members wishing one another happy festivities.
  2. Discussion of industry-relevant news
    Sometimes political decisions overlap with industry news. More specifically, when it comes to enacted laws or regulations.

Consequences of Violations

When a violation of our rules has been surfaced, we aim to follow up with the individual(s) in question within 24 hours. If the incident is deemed as a serious violation (e.g. the use of racially divisive language), the account of the individual(s) in question will be immediately removed, any remaining access will be revoked and refunded, and a lifetime ban will be imposed.

For non-serious violations, one of the following actions will be taken depending on whether this is a first-time violation or not :

  • A formal warning is issued.
  • Temporary suspension of your account.
  • Deletion of your post(s)/reply(ies).

Reporting Violations

If you need to report a violation, please reach out to the community support team ( with as many details as possible about the incident that has taken place. All of the information you share will be kept completely confidential and we will report to your report within 24 hours latest.

Self Reporting

We appreciate that from time-to-time we all make mistakes. If you think you may have violated any of the aforementioned rules that we’ve set out, please reach out to the community support team (