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8 SEO Case Studies: Examples That Will Energize Your Strategy

Nick Eubanks
Last Updated: Apr. 10, 2024
SEO Case Studies

Looking to level up your SEO strategy, but need help figuring out where to start? What if you could learn from real-world examples of companies that have successfully improved their rankings and attracted more organic traffic?

I’ve got many compelling SEO case studies from the years I’ve spent learning everything I can about search engine algorithms. I hope these stories help spark ideas and develop strategies you can model in your own efforts.

By seeing what has worked for other businesses, you’ll gain invaluable insights on refining your approach and achieving your SEO KPIs. The case studies we’ll explore cover various industries, goals, and tactics — from revamping on-page content to building high-authority backlinks to recovering from Google penalties.

Discover eight concrete SEO success stories and get actionable tips you can implement today.

What Is an SEO Case Study?

An SEO case study is an in-depth analysis and strategic review of how a website improves its search engine rankings and organic traffic growth over time. SEO case studies explain the goals, technical approach, and results of specific optimization tactics.

The purpose of documenting SEO stories is multifaceted. 

First, they provide a blueprint for success that others can model because they outline the step-by-step process of what worked to boost rankings and traffic. 

Second, case studies build trust and credibility by showcasing real examples with data and metrics. This is particularly valuable for SEO and SEM agencies creating bottom-of-funnel content to show their potential ROI.

Lastly, case studies are a learning opportunity for all SEO practitioners to improve their own strategies. Analyzing the factors that led to positive ROI, search visibility, and conversions for others helps you identify smart tactics to test on your sites.

In terms of content, a complete SEO case study will cover:

  • Initial objectives
  • Ranking situation
  • Technical audit findings
  • Specific on-page and off-page activities
  • Time frames for implementation
  • Associated costs
  • Measurable results month-by-month and year-over-year 

Tracking detailed analytics data is critical. The most compelling case studies also outline the estimated revenue and long-term ROI from the SEO initiatives.

Have you ever created case studies of your own work? They can help you persuade prospects and get more SEO clients.

I’m going to provide “mini” SEO case study examples to give you an idea of what’s possible.

Why Are SEO Case Studies Valuable?

Here’s why SEO case studies are worth reviewing.

  • They showcase proven strategies in action. You get to see what combination of tactics boosted rankings and organic traffic for actual sites.
  • You learn the step-by-step process of SEO initiatives that generated strong ROI. The case study format allows you to model what worked and avoid the efforts that don’t pay dividends.
  • Since case studies focus on the metrics and data, you get real analysis based on actual results — not guesses or estimates. You see what moved the needle.
  • By covering time frames in detail, you understand realistic SEO timelines — giving you a framework for smarter goal-setting.
  • Well-documented case studies outline the costs associated with SEO efforts, so you can optimize budget and resources.

In short, getting detailed SEO case study examples (particularly from sites in your industry) is like accessing an SEO expert’s blueprint for increasing organic search visibility.

SEO Case Study Examples to Check Out

Here are eight compelling examples that offer key lessons you can apply to your site.

1. Edelweiss Bakery

Edelweiss Bakery

Edelweiss Bakery is a small, local bakery in Florida that struggled with low online visibility despite having a loyal customer base. To boost their search rankings and web traffic, they partnered with the international SEO agency Why SEO Serious. 

Semrush described how the agency optimized Edelweiss’ on-page elements, conducted technical audits, redesigned the homepage, expanded its site structure, built backlinks, and created an SEO-optimized blog. 

Just four months after implementing these tactics, the bakery attracted 230 backlinks and grew its organic traffic by 214%.

2. Learning with Experts

Learning with Experts

The demand for online learning is high, and competition for top spots in the SERPs is fierce. Learning with Experts, an online learning community, partnered with UK-based agency Re:signal to boost their low organic visibility. 

Re:signal conducted keyword research, site audits, and on-page optimization. They identified keyword gaps, optimized category pages, improved site structure, and created new blog posts. After five months, organic sessions rose 59%, and Learning with Experts grew their revenue by 94%.

3. CMA Exam Academy

CMA Exam Academy

Accountant Nathan Liao created a CMA exam prep course but struggled to scale traffic with paid ads and social media. He saw some organic success but lacked the bandwidth to optimize this site further on his own.

Nathan hired Digital Commerce Partners (DCP), who analyzed and fixed technical SEO issues, reoptimized existing blog posts for quick wins, developed a custom content strategy integrated with DCP’s writers for scalability, and provided monthly reporting.

After a year, CMA Exam Academy saw a 125% revenue jump, increased its pageviews by 121%, and attracted 147% more users. DCP’s multilayered SEO approach drove significant business growth for CEA.

4. The CBD Supplier

The CBD Supplier

UK-based CBD product marketplace The CBD Supplier struggled with low organic visibility in a competitive industry. 

Web design agency Cude targeted long-tail keywords with high search volume and low difficulty. The agency also improved internal linking and built a plan to create topical content clusters. 

This laser-focused SEO strategy grew search traffic by 557% in 12 months. It transformed The CBD Supplier into a mid-5-figure e-commerce business — which is particularly remarkable, given that it previously only generated £1,000 in revenue. 

5. Avis


Avis Car Rental, partnered with digital marketing agency Big Leap in 2018. The rental car company has more than 1,700 locations, so Big Leap focused on local SEO optimization tailored to each specific branch.

The agency conducted extensive audits to optimize individual map listings and citations across search engines. It sought to improve the website’s location pages to rank for key city and state-specific terms.

Big Leap performed in-depth technical SEO audits to identify high-impact areas to target. Then it assembled a team of skilled writers to produce more than 300 original, on-brand pieces of content optimized around high-volume keywords and strategic internal linking. Maintaining quality control was a top priority.

The multi-channel local SEO strategy delivered tremendous ROI. Avis ranked on the first page for 213 additional target keywords, including valuable conversion-focused terms. This led to hundreds of thousands of new qualified leads, accelerating business growth.

6. Healthspan


Health supplement retailer Healthspan approached UK agency Re:signal seeking to improve rankings after a Google Penguin penalty tanked their search visibility. 

Re:signal set goals to increase organic revenue, recover from the algorithm hit, and reduce Healthspan’s reliance on paid search. They worked through the penalty problem using link analysis and optimized for key product terms in the supplement industry. 

The results? Organic revenue rose 144% in a year, enabling Healthspan to cut back on paid search spend. Re:signal also secured high-quality media coverage that showcased Healthspan’s brand on a larger stage.

7. Regional Dentist

Regional Dentist

A large regional dental provider hired the agency Momentic to improve local search visibility across 14 cities. 

Momentic audited the competitive landscape and optimized location and service pages through content updates. 

Just one month after implementing recommendations, the dental provider increased organic traffic so much that they could turn off paid search. Appointments skyrocketed alongside a 140% increase in organic traffic year-over-year.

8. DesktopReady


Desktop-as-a-service company DesktopReady hired agency HawkSEM after a website relaunch tanked their traffic. HawkSEM audited technical SEO issues, optimized old content, created new targeted content, and enhanced DesktopReady’s social media profiles. 

This multifaceted strategy increased users by 409%, grew backlinks from 822 to 1,340, and catapulted DesktopReady to solid rankings for 468 more keywords. DesktopReady recovered from the traffic plunge and reclaimed its position as an industry leader.

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