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Every Academy lesson we published in 2022

David Broderick
Last Updated: Sep. 07, 2023

We published 111 lessons in the TTT Academy last year 👀

To make sure none slip under your radar (and give you a chance to revisit any of your faves), we thought we’d pull them all together in one place for you to dive into.

So, without further ado, here’s every lesson and course we published last year:

SEO fundamentals

Where better to start than Dave Smart’s lessons on the fundamentals of how search works:

And with Google recently expanding E-A-T to E-E-A-T, there’s never been a better time to familiarize yourself with how this often-misunderstood ranking factor works. So, be sure to check out Adam Durrant’s lesson on Leveraging Google’s E-A-T Concept for Success in the SERPs

Technical SEO

We medium-key dropped some BIG tech SEO courses from some super smart SEOs in 2022:

Throughout the year we also published some of our Community Advocate’s greatest tech SEO hits.

From Niki, learn:

And from your favorite SEO newsletter author, Jamie, learn:


Are you one of the 26.7% of TTT members who still haven’t made the switch from UA to GA4 yet?

Save yourself hours of headaches by watching Ryan Levander’s guide to making the switch to GA4 before you embark on the ordeal.

Facebook ads

In this course we published way back in January 2022, Jon Gorman walks you through the step-by-step process he uses to launch and optimize every e-commerce Facebook ad campaign he runs.

E-commerce SEO

Due to popular demand, we invited Luke Carthy back last June to expand on his e-commerce SEO 101 course with four more lessons on:

Founders’ Q&As

Ian, Nick, Matt – and a who’s who of SEO’s best and brightest – covered everything from their morning routines, client horror stories, and the best metric to show SEO growth in 2022’s monthly live Q&As. 

Catch up on them all here:

Link building

On the link building front:

Keyword research

Up your keyword research game with Dmitry Dragilev’s masterclass on The 9 SERP Weaknesses: A Simple Shortcut to Find Keywords You Can Easily Rank For.

Affiliate sites

Made it your New Year’s resolution to launch an affiliate site this year? Start with Jake Sheridan’s lesson on How to Validate a Niche Website for Less Than $100.


This lesson on How to Generate Leads Through LinkedIn by Ryan Darani was one of the first we published last year and is still one of my personal faves. Learn the step-by-step strategy Ryan used to generate $200,000 worth of business from LinkedIn during his first year as an SEO consultant.

Starting and scaling an agency

Want to start or grow an SEO agency in 2023? Don’t miss some of Blake’s greatest hits:

Or Kristin Tynski hard-earned insights:

Starting to think about an exit? Be sure to check out Nick’s fireside chat with Ian Lurie on “How to scale and sell an agency”

Content marketing

We all know Google wants to serve users helpful content. But… what does “helpful content” look like, exactly? Bernard reveals all in The Future of SEO: How to Rank and Stay On Top of the SERPS.

Content refreshes can send a site soaring up the SERPs – and Michael Keenan shows you how in From Zero to Hero: How to Refresh Content and Increase Traffic 

And Jenna Potter schooled us on:

Video SEO

In 2023, video is only set to become more important to your content strategy.

Jenna has got you with lessons on:

Career growth

And last but not least, Niki wrote some must-read Community Advocate threads for anyone looking to take their career to the next level in 2023:

And that’s all, folks! 

Stay tuned for another year of lessons and courses from some of the smartest SEOs around 👀